*Pouch colors will vary. 

Your Pets Clay Paw Prints
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Prices include pick up and return from your Veterinary facility. Pickup from home starts at $50.00, depending on location and size of pet. Included with every private cremation is your choice of a scatter pouch or one of four decorative tin choices. A Rainbow Bridge Tin, a Paw Print Tin, a Forget Me Not Floral Tin or a Black with Straw Flowers Tin. For an additional fee you may choose a Rose Wood  Box Urn or a Rainbow Bridge Wooden Urn starting at $20.00

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For the love and devotion they’ve given you.

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Rainbow Bridge Tin

Rainbow Bridge Urn

Rose Wood Urn

Decorative Tins

We can make a clay paw print of your
pets paw with any individual Cremation Only.

Paw prints are $31.80 each

  • Extra-large (81-120 lbs) - $185.00
  • Giant (121-150 lbs) - $205.00
  • Super pets (151-200 lbs) - $225.00
  • Petite (under 5 lbs) - $105.00
  • Small (6-20 lbs) - $125.00
  • Medium (21-50 lbs) - $145.00
  • Large (51-80 lbs) - $165.00

Scatter Pouch

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